viernes, 20 de abril de 2007


welcome to my blog?how are you?this is my final project blog in this blog.I post my work for my final level 2 English class everybody is is invited to read leave a comment.


Secretary: good afternoon in what can I serve you?

Ms Lorena:good afternoon I need an anppointrent with the doctor Gonzales.

Secretary: it is ok she says to wait a moment.

Ms Lorena:thank you.

Secretary:Carla you have a patient waitins.

Dra Carla:ok tells him that he can come in.

Ms Lorena:good afternoon Dra Carla I feel terrible,I have stomachache I want to die.

Dra Carla: tell my please and explain to me what do you feel?

Ms Lorena: I have a lot of acidity and sometimes stomachache.

Dra Carla: ok do you have many problems? do you have a good feeding?

Ms Lorena: Dra Carla what I haveare many problems with my work and my studies for that I don't eat always at the same hour. I eat a lot of fast food or if I am alone I don't eat anything until I home at night.

Dra Carla:being this the root of your problem I could diagnose you the following treatment 1 spoonful of malok before each meal 1 spoon dissolven in water of sorbosan every nignt before sleeping for 15 days to be able to evaluate you.

Ms Lorena:thank you Dra Carla I will fulfill your treatment.

Ms Lorena: good afternoon please sell me a flask of malox and box of sorbosan.

Ms Lorena: good afternoon please sell me.

Pharmaceutics:OK 20.000$

Ms Lorena:Ok thank you.

Well,this is me! what about you? whats your name?

viernes, 13 de abril de 2007


Welcome to my blog! how are you? this is my fiMy name is Rossana Villalobos pf the years is April, my favorite day of the week is Saturday because, I go to parties.

My birthdays in on April 22th, I was born on April 22th, 1977. My favorite celebration is Christmas because. I usually stay with my family, it’s on December, I usually dinner with my family, this year, I’m going to dance.

Her name Ana ROSALES, her favorite month of the year is November, her favorite day of the movies. Her birthday is November 16th, 1987. Her favorite celebration is Semana Santa
Because she usually goes to the beach, this year, she going to dance. nal project blog, in this blog. I post my work for my level 2 English class.Everybody is invited to read leave a comment.


welcome to my blog!how are you? this is my final project blog. In this blog I post my for my level 2 English cass.Everybody is invited to reand leave a comment.

now, about..

My name is Rossana Villalobos but you can call me Rosin. I live in Maracaibo,in San Jacinto.I´m 29 years old and study preschool education at urbe.

I love dancing, music, swimming, my family and hot dogs.

I hate injustice, lies, exercising and dirt.

My dream is to be happy graduate, have a good jood in television, my family to be very happy, to speak English, enjoy life and make history.

About English, I listen to music and watch TV in English. I love to learn new languages.

I cam make lost of friends and practice speaking in this class.

Well, this is me! what about you? whats your name?